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GCP Finder

GCP Finder is the GeoCheckpointing application which can be used to download information about nearest GeoCheckpoints, display them on the map, navigate to the selected GeoCheckpoint and log your visit by one click. This application does not need to be installed, it works in (almost) every browser, no matter if you use Android, IOS or another operating system. If you have problems to run GCP finder, try to open it in another browser.

Using the GCP Finder is very simple:

  • Open your favorite browser on your smartphone and go to http://m.geocheckpointing.com
  • Log in. Keep in mind that your username and password are case-sensitive.
  • Click the Download nearest GeoCheckpoints button. New buttons with GeoCheckpoint names will appear.
  • Click some of these buttons to see the GeoCheckpoint description. Other two buttons allowing you either display GeoCheckpoint on the map or navigate to the GeoCheckpoint will appear below the description.
  • Click the Navigate button and go to the GeoCheckpoint.
  • When you stand no more than 15 meters from the GeoCheckpoint coordinates, a dialog asking if you recommend that GeoCheckpoint to others appears. Click yes or no to log your visit.

Online vs. Offline Use

When you click the Download nearest GeoCheckpoints button, all data are saved in your smartphone and you can use the application offline. In other words, you can open http://m.geocheckpointing.com in your browser even if you are not connected to the internet and to application will be loaded from the application cache. When you find a GeoCheckpoint, the log will be saved in the offline queue. As soon as you connect to the internet and open (or refresh) http://m.geocheckpointing.com the logs will be automatically sent to the server.

Number of Downloaded GeoCheckpoints

Free members can download 5 and supporters 100 nearest GeoCheckpoints at once. When you find a GeoCheckpoint, it disappears from the list and you can download nearest GeoCheckpoints again. There are no limits how often you can download nearest GeoCheckpoints.


Since GCP Finder runs in the browser, the behaviour of the app may vary in some aspects depending on the browser and operating system you are using. It has been successfully tested on various Android and IOS browsers. However, if you encounter a problem, these steps should solve it:

  • Click the Refresh button (even if you are not connected to the internet - GCP Finder is saved in the application cache).
  • Make sure that the GPS of your smartphone is enabled.
  • Go to a place with clear sky view (the app needs to obtain your location using GPS).
  • If you are unable to download new GeoCheckpoints, try to wait a minute or two. The GeoCheckpoints database is hosted by MarbleHost which has almost no downtimes, however, nothing is infallible so simply try again after a moment.
  • Try to run GCP Finder in another browser.

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