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What is GeoCheckpointing

GeoCheckpointing is an outdoor game where participants use a GPS device to find virtual control points called GeoCheckpoints. The goal of every GeoCheckpoint is to show you some interesting place. Some GeoCheckpoints are placed in a beautiful nature while others can be found in charming corners of cities.

Your task is to find the GeoCheckpoint and log visit using a GPS enabled smartphone. The smartphone is necessary only to log your finds. To navigate to the GeoCheckpoints you can use not only your smartphone but also a GPS receiver or a map.

You can enjoy GeoCheckpointing any time and anywhere in the world. Check out member's section of our website for GeoCheckpoints in the area which you are going to visit and start the hunt. Every user can also place new GeoCheckpoints for others.

Geocheckpointing is a great activity for both individuals and groups. You can search GeoCheckpoints alone, with friends or with your family. Everything you need to start is a free account at GeoCheckpointing.com.

Difference from Other GPS Games

At first glance, GeoCheckpointing may look similar to some other GPS games. However, as soon as you find your first GeoCheckpoint, you will see a big difference.

If you prefer to visit as many interesting places as possible during a single trip instead of being stuck at one place due to endless searching, GeoCheckpointing is the right game for you. Also placing new GeoCheckpoints is less time-consuming.

Your finds are logged almost automatically. Simply visit the GeoCheckpoint location with our application running on your smartphone, log your visit by rating the GeoCheckpoint (just one click) standing no more than 15 meters from the GeoCheckpoint coordinates and enjoy your trip to other great place instead of digging in the earth, damaging walls or climbing up a tree. Find multiple GeoCheckpoints, instead of seeking one for a long time, and visit more interesting places during a single trip.

Forget spending another time by logging the GeoCheckpoints when you come back from your trip. If your smartphone was connected to the internet during your trip, your visits are already logged. If not, data about visited GeoCheckpoints are saved in your smartphone and as soon as you run the GeoCheckpointing application when you are online, they will be automatically logged. In other words, spend more time outdoors and less time with the computer.

If you are competitive you may like the players ranking based on the number of found GeoCheckpoints. If not, simply do not care and have a fun.

Creating new GeoCheckpoints is really user-friendly. Any time you find some interesting place, you can create a GeoCheckpoint there. Simply note the GPS coordinates of the place and submit them together with a short description in the member's section.

Since GeoCheckpoints are virtual, they cannot be stolen. With GeoCheckpointing, you can forget the irritating experience when you are trying to find something what is not there. It also means that you do not need to care if somebody else is watching you when you are visiting and logging the GeoCheckpoint.

Since GeoCheckpoints are virtual, it cost nothing to create new ones.

About GeoCheckpointing

Learn more about GeoCheckpointing and its difference from other GPS games.

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