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Win one year of GeoCheckpointing supporter package. GeoCheckpointing supporter package offers:

  • Download GPX files: Supporter package allows to display any area on the map and download GPX file containing all displayed GeoCheckpoints.
  • Discover more nearest GeoCheckpoints: When using the download nearest GeoCheckpoints feature of GCP Finder, you will be able to download 100 GeoCheckpoints at once.
  • Advanced map display options: Select which GeoCheckpoints you want to see on the map, e. g. display only GeoCheckpoints found by you.
  • Commercial GeoCheckpoints: You will be allowed to create Commercial GeoCheckpoints, i. e. GeoCheckpoints located in the area where is possible to enter only after paying a fee.

Competition rules

The competition starts the first day of the current month and ends the last day of the current month. The first day of the next month will start a new competition with the same prize and rules. You can enter the competition once a day. By entering the competition you agree with the complete competition rules.

How to enter the competition

We use independent, 3rd party competition management service, provided by RevPlaza. To enter the competition, please fill in the competition form on RevPlaza.

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GeoCheckpointing is an outdoor game played with GPS powered smartphones. The goal of every GeoCheckpoint is to introduce you some interesting place.

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